Stones of Power in Vale

This Golden Lotust quest seems bugged, but places like wowhead mention nothing about it ever being bugged in the comments. Just curious anyone else has ever experienced the crystals not showing up at all?
I had gotten 2 quests, one to collect 7 of these stones & one to kill 9 quillen statues in the same place. Well my bags were overflowing so I went to hand in my stones and came back to finish off the remaing 3 quillen.... only its phased now & I can't see them anymore. If you see spiders & mogu statues you may have the same phasing problem I do.
Yeah, at this point I don't remember what quests I did exactly but I see the statues and spiders :/ Lame.
i have the same problem like u my quest log was full and completed other quests first then picked up stones of power only to find it phased and changed with no crystals :( now im missing out on other quests because of this. BLIZZARD PLS FIX IT
Yep, same problem here! Submitted a bug report to Blizz but still waiting on reply........3 day wait wtf is that about!!!
i'm glad to see im not the only one, with the fact you have to grind like a mad man now questing. this needs to be fixed ASAP
I was just able to do this shortly. Not sure why. I was having trouble with it too. You should be able to find them here: Ruins of Guo-Lai 17,30

Good luck!
It looks like it's been about a month since anyone has posted on this thread, and this quest still seems to be an issue.
I have this problem, too. I did the quests out of order several weeks ago just like the other posters, which caused me to become phased. The Stones of Power quest still shows up for me every day, and every now and then I'll pick it up just to check (which I did today), but every time I head over to that area I'm still phased and can't see any quest items for this specific quest.

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