Shadow Priests Hit Harder

I'm popping Twilight Ward, Optic Blast, even Dark Bargain and getting owned repeatedly by a Dwarf Shadow Priest. Barely burned him down to under 30% and then boom, dead.
You're either a really bad troll or in need of dire assistance. Either way I would do some research on Warlock DPS before posting here again.
Ignore him, I've noticed that too but, in all honesty the only reason they don't die faster is the bubbles and heals. Also devouring plague hits like a truck and adds a dot so it's pretty bad lol.
If you're still level 87 as your avatar suggests, realize two things:

1) you have no idea if he out gears you (armory him)
2) the classes are balanced for level 90. Even at 90, they're not balanced around 1v1. So your 1v1 below level 90 will unsurprisingly not be balanced. Shadow was ridiculous at 85 but is more balanced at 90. Get to 90 and it should be a different ball game.
Spriests also have shadow resists on top of their heals, passive heals, shields and their damage reduction with shadow form + a bunch of utils. They're a fun class and still my fav alt to play.

I havent touched either affliction or spriest since 5.0x, but numbers can be easily tweaked and i still think the warlock has a better playstyle and brings more to a group. IMO a lot of the enjoyment was lost with the spriest and the release of cataclysm.

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