Scroll of Wisdom

12/08/2012 11:51 AMPosted by Beowolfea
Or at least make it a guaranteed full deck completion after you plop in 20 scroll of wisdom and about 400 starlight ink.Nothing more annoying saving up like 30 stupid scrolls and all you get is the same stupid cards over and over making you wait another stupid month after doing for 2 months.

you can pretty easily trade them the week or so before the fair starts till the end of the fair. If you have any 10 or so non oxen cards you should be able to trade them to complete a deck without to much trouble.

I dont really feel like it was ever really intended for 1 person to make their own deck the entire system seems to be designed around trading.
definately trade ^

The staff would be nice but i made the choice, making darkmoon cards was more important to me then a staff. This game is about choices and you can't have everything.
First off. there is a lot of unfairness. for instance lLiving steel bars are not soul bound and are able to be pruchased as well as other mats that are crafted. but i say it's a Fact that for Inscription there is to much controll over even being able to make the staff and or cards. it's all a bunch of bull !@#$ any of the cool downs for instance take into consideration some people can't sit at there desk for 12-20 hours like others can some people have to work to pay for this life we all live taxes etc.. it's a game.. it shouldn
t be a job or like a job to be able to enjoy .. screw the money making %^-* in this game. people would like to play the game not work it.. i can give a ship less about those who have any negative comments to say about what i type. it's facts man way to much controll going on in this game...

For some of us, the money-making is the most fun part of the game.

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