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I have noticed that recently when a pet dies after applying a DoT effect onto an enemy, the DoT stops doing damage while continuing to countdown every round. Is this intended behavior? If so, why not just remove the effect and counter?
Yeah I've been wondering this. Same thing applies to Brittle webbing which doesn't make sense to me since sticky web still functions.
Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but the dot functions this way because Mechanical and Undead racial bonuses. They both come back alive. The DoT still is on them when they come back from the dead in battle.
To clarify:

My Scorpid uses Sting, placing a poison DoT effect on the enemy Hedgehog.
The battle continues, with the poison DoT dealing damage every round.
My Scorpid dies, and then the poison DoT fails to do its remaining damage because of this death.

Just a specific example; it seems to be happening with just about any DoT effect.
I've noticed this with my gnome also. If a turret is down and I switch pets the turret will remain to shoot and do damge. However, if a turret is down and my gnome dies the turret will stay there until it expires, but no longer do any damage.

I realize that this is not the same as a DoT, but the situation is similar.
They obviously changed something.

I notice that turrets/multiple attack abilities do not proc plagued blood on every single attack any more.

I used to be able to drop 2 turrets (for two rounds worth) for 6 ticks of plagued blood healing, now its only 1 tick.

Edit: it also looked like the active pet gets the healing where as it used to be whoever applies the dot, I'll continue testing might be an anomaly (didn't play too many battles this morning).
This also appears to be affecting weather damage as well (i.e. Scorched Earth).
Ahh- yes they did change something.

The Brittle Webs spider effect (Take x damage every time you attack) used to proc every time my Clockwork Gnome would attack AND every time the Turrets would Proc. This would basically kill the Clockwork Gnome after 7 procs (one hand attack and 6 turret attacks) and now it seems to only happen on one attack.

I'm kinda disappointed. We need more stuff to stop the Clockwork Gnome!

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