Warlock Pets are broken.

I was doing some Panda Heroics earlier and throughout the course of the dungeon my felguard died 7 times. I dont really see the point having a demon if it spends more time dead than alive.Its confusing cause the only thing i can think of is its drawing too much agro but it doesnt even have a taunt.Just thought maybe i could put this issue in the spotlight and get somthing done about it...
Roll affliction and become a shadowmage, problem solved.
My pet has never died.

Soul link if you have problems, but that shouldn't be an issue.
It does have a taunt, it's called threatening presence or something. You probably have it on but it's hiding in your pets spell book, as i think it sits there by default without you being aware. My Felgaurd rarely dies, and when it does get low just spam harvest life with soul link on.
10/02/2012 05:13 AMPosted by Serial
It does have a taunt, it's called threatening presence

Turn it off in pet spellbook, problem solved.
Turn it off AND turn off the autocast.

Better yet, drag it onto your pet bar (it should have 1 extra space, esp since they moved the command demon spell onto your spellbook), and that way you can always check to see if its on or not.

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