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. I don't know why they'd take me instead of a War, but /shrugs.

enh burst is just as lethal as warrior. your a bit squishier, but you have much better raid utility. HTT / MW5 heals / Hex / Shear / Grounding where as a warrior really still only has Rallying Cry and MSR
if you did ele/enh can ele get auto crits from enh lave surge? or can enh spread a ele's flame shock? sorry i bumped this thread i just didn't think it was necessary to make a new thread for this
Ignint, really?
Ele can cast LB while moving with a simple glyph, Shocks are instant, Lava surge procs are now instant and then we have Spiritwalker's Grace and GW.

Enh doesnt have to stand around and cast anything... ever, and if they do they still have spiritwalker's grace. Enh now has a sprint on a short cd that can be made shorter again with a glyph and ascendance gives white attacks and SS a 30 yrd range. Again GW.

Lets not forget about the roots, slows, stuns and grounding. Any more mobitlty would see you flying around the arena with a rocket strap to your !@#. IMO, shammy doesnt have mobility issues. Im not a hard core pvp'er but one cannot deny the facts. If the players are good enough ele/enh 2s will do fine. Maybe not world class ranked arena team but they will do fine.

just to clarify one thing, we already had spirit walk, but now it doesnt give ud the 5 second immunity in the start. just had to clarify that part.

also control and mobility, even if they both increase uptime, are not the same thing.

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