Brew of the Month Quest Bug...

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If you still have to do the Brew of the Month quest each year in order to keep getting brew in the mail. If you did the quest last year and then buy the "Brew of the Month" Club Membership Form when you click on it, it says you have completed that quest.

I haven't completed the achievement and still need to get brews in the mail.

Thanks ^^
I just bought the form to renew my membership this year and received the same message:

"You have completed that quest"

I am still missing two beers for the achievement and need to renew. Please take a look and let us know how to resolve this issue.
I am having the same issue. I bought the brew of the month from the vendor and it says I have already completed this quest when I try to activate it
I have different but very similar issue. Became a member at the 1st brewfest. I complete the quest every year to maintain my membership.

This year bought the form and says I completed the quest. But usually by this time my membership is expired. But my membership is still VALID. Maybe once you do it one year it carries over now for ever. In any case I am down 200 tokens and cant get a refund, but what the friggin troll chops with orc horns, at least it looks like we can still keep the beer flowin all year.

My bar, The Hogs Head will be happy, and poor Lucius can get 'nother year of free beer as I tell him what ole 'Arry beens doin in the Room of Requirement.

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