Can't use MoP raid finder while meeting ilvl

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I just reached the ilvl requirment to do raid finder but then all of a sudden I still cant que.

is there another barrier I have yet to know?
Time barrier yes.

LFR won't be unlocked until Oct. 9th
have the raids been released yet? I heard something somewhere about end game content not being available for like a week or so, so there was no rush to reach level cap
Normal opens Oct 2, LFR opens Oct 9.
oct 9 and mop raid finder still not on
yup says * not meeting requirements 8 yet I have the ilvl go figure :P
I think 10am is when the latest of the realms reset, and that's when it will go live per neth's post. Not everyone's resets at the same time -- I know KJ resets @ 9am PDT.

The Raid Finder should open at 10:01 a.m. PDT after instance resets occur.

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