6200 RPM fan, issue?

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Hello there mac users.

Well I finally reinstalled WoW using the discs for MoP and everything seems alright except for one thing. While in game my fan is running about the max RPM of 6200 or at that number approx the entire time. Everything seems to be running smoothly while in game besides the fan issue. I don't notice anything overheating or anything like that. In game, I even set my max FPS at 28 & all graphics set to low & I rarely play with sound, yet the fan still spins at max speed. This occurs while I am sitting in Dalarn not doing anything extensive too. It never lets up, just spins and spins.

I am wondering if this will eventually break my fan. Before MoP it did not spin at max speed all the time as it does now.

Thanks for any info.

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