Compensation for login queues

We should be playing the game not waiting in queue to play a game we paid for. Queues aren't our problem thats your problem and you need to make sure we don't get put into queues. Thats what we are paying you for. I've been waiting in queue for 2 hours now and its not even close to being done. Some of us have to goto work/school and when we get home we want to relax and play some wow. we can't do that if we have to wait for 3 hours just to play wow.

Compensate us. weather it be rested exp for all characters for time spent in queue or a day or 2 of game time. idc really but all i know is I'm not getting what I paid for and I'm not happy.
And get this queue issue fixed. The no name Mug'thal server isnt cutting it. upgrade the hardware of illidan. Its extremely populated and needs it. Please...
Agreed. This is ridiculous. I couldn't even play on MOP release day because of lag/server issues. Now a week later, the ques are 3000+ people...Makes me regret buying time, I should have waited a month b4 playing WoW again. Oh well, Guess i'll do rl stuff while in que
There are free transfers now.


I mean this in the nicest way blizzard so take this as constructive criticism. You promote wow with the refer a friend and scroll of resurrection AND this huge ad campaign with Mists of Pandaria which is all awesome. BUT what point does all of it have if we all have to wait in queue for 3 hours just to play? No one is gonna want to come back to playing wow if they have to sit in queue. You may think that it'll settle down after the expansion hits. But how many people will you lose as a result of that? You should take pride in your servers and have them so strong that they could take twice the load that an expansion release demands.
There are free transfers now.



1. Shouldn't have to transfer off of a server I paid 25 bucks to be on. I actually like the community of illidan and the population.

2. The servers could handle the expansion demands if they were upgraded. and not all the servers need to be upgrade just high pop ones like darkspear and illidan.
support x1000000 this is a joke.
They don't even need to upgrade the servers, just do a little bit of work.....As I walk back to my computer to check my que, I can't help but think about the thousands of bots ppl are running in my place.....Why don't they just look at the ppl that have like two lvl 90's already that got those levels by never logging off and doing the same exact thing in av 24/7. Your customer service is lacking blizzard...Botting cheaters and lazy gm's are ruining this community and causing inflation and disappointment that the casual player is paying for!
I see it from where you're seeing it, OP, really, I do. Even though I've never been caught in a queue because there's simple ways to get around it.

A) Have someone log you in a couple hours before you return home or plan on playing.
B) Build an anti-afk machine.
C) Xfer off.

Seriously though, this post is pretty much moot. They aren't going to pay attention, and here's why. It's the #1 Server in the US. Of -course- there's going to be wait times. And you knew that when you paid the $25 bucks to come here. (Also, on a side note, noone likes the Illidan community. It doesn't exist. You may enjoy the company of some of your friends/guildies, but not the community as a whole. It's too large for that word to be implemented.)

If you don't want the free xfer to the decent server that they chose (Yes, rarely heard of, but I did some research, it's not all that bad.), then sit down and deal with the couple of weeks of queues you're going to have. Regardless of whether you, or I, or anyone else thinks we should be compensated, it's not going to happen.

Also.. if you're a casual player, as was mentioned a couple times, in my recommendation, go to a casual server. Illidan hasn't always been a hardcore server, but it has that reputation. If you're a casual disturbed by queue times, as much as I hate to say it, this isn't the place for you.

This queue will continue until people transfer off the server. I bet Blizzard is laughing while making tons of money for people paid to transfer here just to see this ridiculous queue.

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Oh my goodness i am waiting in a queue to log into the game. Maybe it is because it is a Saturday and a lot of people now have more free time to spend on WoW, i have not had ANY queue what-so-ever not even on day one.

The moral of the story is this. We are playing on THE largest most progressed server that Blizzard has, if you did not expect to wait to log into the game when you transferred over here (which i am assuming you did because if you were a day 1 Illidanian you most likely wouldn't be complaining) then you are either very naive or very misinformed. Such is the price you pay for being able to PUG anything at any time during the day or night, having a very healthy econemy and a plethora of level 25 guilds to choose from.

The queue was bound to happen and if you did not anticipate it then that is too bad.
I dont understand how blizzard can justify not spending money to make the better.. Clearly we dont understand how there server equipment works.. but they seem to be on par with what other companies use like the one i work for. There should be NO excuse that a high population server doesnt get the highest regard for server allocation, and making players wait that spend money each month on a game (Which is becoming rare and is considered a premium) to sit at home after they get out of WORK for 3 hours before they can even play a GAME it needs to be addressed.. Stop NOT taking your players serious.. jesus.
this server has been high. always. there is no reason they should do anything for those of you that rolled here despite the warnings. i really dont understand the sense of entitlement.

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