A WoW vet's embarassing confession (Help!)

I Clicked for 3-4yrs
And got 2k in all brackets of arena ,never got carried ,because all of us were new to Arena.

Back ya ,back to clicking So bad ,Just this year i got Razor naga epic mouse. Changed my life ,SO EASY TO PLAY ,im telling u. You wont Regret Getting Razor naga Epic. My post on wow ,people told me which Naga was best.

I suggest Putting 5 Buttons at time ,so u dont Get discouraged from using the naga. happened to me at first.

My bad for my english/grammer lol.
My layout works in groups of six that I can easily reach Everything's centered around my altered movement keys

E. forward
S. strafe left
D. backward (infrequently used)
F. strafe right

1-6 are reserved for ordinary combat actions, generally in order of use.
1. Exorcism
2. Crusader Strike
3. Hammer of the Righteous
4. Judgment
5. (currently reserved)
6. Hammer of Wrath

Z - N are reserved for cooldown or combo point moves. Also on EVERY toon with a debuff-removal ability, I use V, and on EVERY toon with a interrupt I use B for that, and on EVERY toon with a crowd control I always use N.
Z. Divine Storm
X. Templar's Verdict
C. Inquisition
V. Cleanse
B. Rebuke
N. Repentance

Shift-Z through Shift-N are used for cooldowns or variations on the abilities from Z - N

shift-Z. Avenging Wrath
shift-X. Guardian of Ancient Kings
shift-C. Divine Protection
shift-V. Devotion Aura
shift-B. Hammer of Justice
shift-N. Reckoning

Because I have smaller hands (I'm a woman) I cannot easily reach shift-1 through shift-6 (much less control or alt), but I CAN readily access shift Z - shift-N, and ctrl-Z through ctrl-N. alt-Z through alt-N require I move my fingers off my movement keys, which I dont' like, so I save those for infrequently used abilities.

ctrl-Z. Blinding Light
ctrl-X. Hand of Salvation
ctrl-C. Hand of Sacrifice
ctrl-V. Hand of Freedom (I have these Hand spells bound on Clique as well)
ctrl-B. Turn Evil

You might have noticed all this leaves me with a few keys close to my movement keys that are open! Never fear, they are also adequately used.

` Q W and their shift variants shift-` shift-Q and shift-W are what I call my "escape" keys on all characters.

For the paladin that translates this way:

`. Divine Shield
Q. Hand of Protection
W. Every Man for Himself (on all human characters)
shift `. Lay on Hands
shift Q. Emancipate

Finally the other near-to-movement keys are assigned thusly:

A. Autorun. shift-A. toggle run-walk. ctrl-A. autofollow
G. Toggle nameplates (shift, ctrl are variations)
R. Jump up shift-R (move down)
T. Interact with target (shift-T = petattack on other classes).
spacebar. Stop attack (shift-spacebar stopcasting).
When I move, I make use of my movement keys (mostly for strafing) and my mouse. My keybinds are very close to my movement keys (WASD) so I can strafe while performing actions.

I keep R for reply, C for Character pane and V for health bars bound.

My keys are bound to 1-4, Z, X, shift 1-4, shift Q-T, shift A-G, shift Z and shift X, I also make use of Ctrl- and Alt- keybindings but to lesser effect. I got very used to playing with my pinky/ring finger on Shift, Ctrl or Alt.

Quote lists my keybindings, I use similar ones for all my characters.

` - Rebuke
1 - used to be Holy Shield
2 - Glove tinker
3 - Judgement
4 - Crusader Strike
T - Guardian of Ancient Kings
F - Consecrate
G - Hammer of Justice
Z - Hammer of the Righteous
X - Hand of Freedom

` - Devotion Aura
1 - Hammer of Wrath
2 - Shield of Righteousness
3 - Avenger's Shield
4 - Light's Hammer
5 - Avenging Wrath
Q - Hand of Salvation
W - used to be Inquisition
E - Lay on Hands
R - used to be Seal of Justice
T - Hand of Protection
A - Symbiosis ability (boo!)
S - Ardent Defender
D - Human racial
F - Sacred Shield
G - Holy Wrath
Z - Hand of Reckoning
X - Divine Shield
C - Divine Protection
Space: Ground Mount

1 - Seal of Righteousness
2 - Seal of Truth
3 - Seal of Insight
W - Flash of Light
Z - Turn Evil
X - Redemption
Space: Flying Mount

Q - Back tinker
S - Belt tinker
Z - Cleanse

There's lots of keybinds still open to me and I haven't gone further than G on my keyboard. :)

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