<Shadow> and the Filth that Dwells Within

Burning Legion
Just got out of Moshu'gun Vaults - sorry, I should rephrase - was just kicked out of a Moshu'gun Vaults heroic run by 4 members of <Shadow>. I was taking the role of tank, and we had just finished the 2nd boss. Gekkan. He dropped my BiS pre-raid trinket, and I got super pumped. Rolls went out, went to equip, and avast! Not in my bags. So I check the rolls, and Vincent, our warrior, rolled and won. That's cool, maybe he hadn't noticed my roll. So I asked him if I could have the trinket back, to which he replied "shh". Further attempts were futile, and after asking him to not be an !@# Elensare responded with "be an $%^! he do what he want (sic)". Finally, Minatercy chimed in with "nice try" just as I was removed from the group. "That's cool, I guess I'll just find out who their guild leader is and let them know this nonsense is going on. Maybe I can at least lose this guy a guild raid spot or something". Looked it up and it turns out he's the freaking guild leader. So know, dear Alliance of Burning Legion, I ask of you to refuse to group, quest, dungeon, sub, or otherwise assist the filth of Shadow in any way. If this is how guild leadership acts, I can only imagine how the rest of the guild acts. A rogue named Wingfoot was there as well and though he didn't say or do anything, I can only assume guild chat was filled with laughter.

TL;DR - Don't help <Shadow>, they're trolls and -*!@#$%s.

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