enhance using daggers


Unholy Presence gives a Frost DK more:
Damage since you can run faster to the enemy.
More Heals by running and bandaging people.
More Runes by regenerating them faster so you can Death Strike more
Stacks with Death's Advance to give you even faster speed for bandaging

Frost Presence gives you:
More damage

Frost is clearly a hybrid spec designed to frost the abilities of your team through damage, bandaging, and frosting. If you just want damage, I hear that Fury warriors are better now.

Me, I'll stick to my 60% damage 40% bandage hybrid buffer that when combined with two other classes can take down 5 or 6 dedicated primary classes easily.

Or you can ignore me, not test things for yourself, and sheep with the crowd

I like you
I love how these kids think they're the best thing since sliced bread by bringing PvP to what was obviously a PvE thread, and then complaining when people tell them that their strategies are wrong for the given scenario.

Continue posting telling us we're stupid; I'll just continue laughing at your lack of reading comprehension.
I hope you're not talking about Totbot's post
No, I am.
notice how it follows the exact same format as the previous post and is saying things that are obviously wrong
Wow. Turn me sideways and do me from behind.

I really can't detect satire with how much sleep I'm getting :l

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