So who's gotten their Cloud Serpent?

Emerald Dream
Started the first quest for mine at 9am. Hit exalted and grabbed it around 1pm. Took a while, but hunting eggs is the way to go man. After Netherwing I'm not doing another grind for X weeks.

Who else has gotten one? Like it? I picked the blue. Trying to figure out who the OG serpent rider's are. My achievement was on 9/29/12. What's yours? Wish I knew how fast this could be, woulda done it sooner.

Cloud Serpent Riders, represent!
damn, that was pretty fast, i've been farming it for a few days trying to find eggs but can't seem to find them. Hella competition for them dude, guess you got lucky with the RNG :(

i'm going for green yeee.
I got mine on the 28th.

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