What time do Dailies reset?

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so is reset based on servers time or PST time? I live on east coast and play on a EST server.
Keef: All you need to know is that the daily reset is currently 3AM your time. It goes back to 4AM your time when Daylight Savings Time is activated in the spring.
Googled "what time do dailes reset in wow". Got this page. :)
Also Googled. Thanks!
Google as well! Thanks!
Another once lost soul that was steered here by Google. Don't know what I would've done.
Googled. Ty for info. ^_^

Lol. What an amusing thread.
Amusing is one word for it, I suppose.
Yeeeeah Google!
6 a.m. for our server

Good luck Googlers
googled it!!!!
Reporting in live from google.
My insomnia is kicking in, it is 5 am realm time and the dailies are NOT reset. Hmmmmmmmmmm
google brings you right here
Thank you Google
6am server.
right now
Thanks man!
Found through... Yahoo's search engine!...

*cricket cricket*

Bursts into the silence... "Yahoooooooo!"

Still prefer yahoo search over any others that try to hijack my searches.
Actual answer: 2:59:59 am server time.

To verify, use this macro:
/dump date("%c",time()+GetQuestResetTime())
GetQuestResetTime() tells you how many seconds until dailies reset.

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