redline H <25> Recruiting Aim=Top US 100

High Need DPS: Warlock Tank: DK, Druid

redline (US-Barthilas) is a Horde PvE progression guild created by returning top 100 U.S. raiders. looking for top tier U.S. raiders during the MoP expansion.

We are looking for exceptional players with the dedication and schedule flexibility to attain a top 100 U.S. rank in the first tier of MoP. We plan to raid immediately in MoP (once raids are available).

We are on Wednesday - Thursday- Sunday. We run 10m alt raids (or achievement runs) on Sunday as we approach MoP release. All of us are Full heroic geared and are already prepping guild strats for each boss encounter in MoP.

Raid Times:
Wednesday- 9:00pm-12am* AEST
Thursday- 9:00pm-12am* AEST
Sunday - 9:00om - 12am* AEST

*Progression encounters may extend past 12am and we ask raiders to be available till 1am if necessary.

About us:
- Extremely competitive and progression-minded with a non-elitist, social & fun atmosphere.
- Our raiders pay for nothing - all enchants, consumables, gems, flasks & repairs are available to core raiders.
- Raiders are evaluated on current tier performance, raid attendance, and contribution to the guild.
-Loot system = epgp

Applicants must...
- Be 18 or older and in control of their own schedule.
- Have a stable internet connection with very little lag.
- Be EXCELLENT at your role and secondary specs in raids. Be willing to take criticism and advice.
- Core raiders must maintain 80% (no more than 2 absences) raid attendance per month.
-Trials are required to have 100% attendance for three weeks straight upon joining.

For more details regarding our guild or to apply check out our site at:

or talk to any of our officers on US-Barthilas - Tauratank, Sylvànas, Monklol, Vêxx

Any More Info pst in game or check up the website
Extremely competitive and progression-minded with a non-elitist, social & fun atmosphere.

Need more guilds like this!!

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