It's hard outgearing people.

Lol what a joke.

I'm not outgearing anyone 5 days after the expansion came out.

Um, yea you are. When you beat people up who are in greens while you're in blues + crafted PvP gear, that's outgearing them. Duh.
Alot of people arent wasting their time with crafted pvp gear, albiet, theres ALOT of people that practically baught full set cuz they have the g, and it does give a huge competitive advantage.

Im one of these that didnt bother since pvp gear is coming out tom, I got 4k/4k, started on cp pts, and I dont pve, so regular hp gear will be quickly to attain for me. Besides, gold is really hard for me to get since I dont do pve. And many of us are thinking that way.

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