Frost vs. Unholy Leveling.

Death Knight
Hey everyone. I recently made a DK and am currently leveling as frost (2h). I was curious which is the better spec to level as by questing and queueing for dungeons. I am also a blood off spec, and will be tanking when I feel up to it. But for questing and leveling, which is the better choice between frost dual weild, frost 2h, or unholy?

On a side note, which is the better dps spec at 90 as far as you guys can tell thus far?

Many thanks.
2h frost all the way imo. For all of it.
I don't know about <85 but for 85-90 I've been leveling as DW frost for the massive cleave damage. But with HB not spreading frost fever atm it's been a little tedious, and I miss using a 2hder.

I might be going Unholy once I get one.
I love Unholy, but holy crap does Frost blow it away leveling.
Frost blows it away leveling.
frost all day everyday for leveling
Definitely frost for leveling. DW or 2h doesn't really matter but I prefer dw because of all the HB damage you get by mastery stacking.
Leveling my new dk as Unholy right not having any trouble but could be that I have played one for 2 years now on my other account

I say try both and use what works best for you
Yet I do agree frost does have some strong points as a leveling spec
Frost is far more efficient for leveling. You can just Howling Blast then Obliterate and FS spam and be fine. Unholy loses too much damage from not having both diseases up to do that. Also Howling Blast cleave damage, yo (even though it's bugged right now...).
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2h frost all the way imo. For all of it.

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