Psychotic Halfhill Guards

Bug Report
I was just attacked, unprovoked, for the fourth time by Halfhill guards. I had not clicked on, much less attacked, a member of the opposite faction in any case. They simply charged me as soon as I entered the market and murdered me, adding insult to injury by forcing me to pay a repair bill.

I initially assumed it was due to a phasing issue, with my pet's AOE somehow registering as striking an alternately-phased Alliance player on the farm, but I've encountered evidence of it happening to non-pet classes as well.

It happens roughly 20% of the time I go to the market.
Supposedly it deals with your Haunted Memento.

I'd love it if they could remove the "Cower" effect from the haunted memento also. It's such a great pet but the /cower ruins it. =(
I've had this happen with haunted memento too and had know idea what was going on. The cowering is also interrupting me when I try to eat something.
So that's why I also keep getting randomly attacked by the Halfhill guards! I play on a PVP server, but there is never any horde around me when I start getting whacked on by the guards, making me wonder what I did... Darn you haunted memento...

I agree that the /cower needs fixed on that as well. :(
I've never had this happen with my haunted memento, across multiple characters with it.
This is happening to me way too often to to the point where it's just getting beyond frustrating. I get attacked when mounted, when standing there cooking, etc. I am on a pvp server, yes, but I do nothing that would be considered hostile. I carry a Haunted Momento, so I'm wondering if it's time to send it off to another character.
Well at least I know I'm not the only one. However, it seems I only get attacked when I come in from my little farm. Its getting rather annoying
Not that I wish it on anyone, but I'm glad to know that it's happening to other people. I've been attacked by the guards every day for the past four days. I've checked my combat log to see if I had accidentally whacked someone with my staff while trying to click on an npc, but there's been nothing. I didn't know that it was related to the Haunted Memento, but I do carry one.
It also apparently messes with some taxis.

They really need to fix that.
I have had this very same problem. I have found two solutions until this is resolved by Blizzard:

1.) The obvious solution, is to either mail your memento to another character, or bank it until you are done with Halfhill

2.) Simply do not land or get off your flying mount. Or... dismount OUTSIDE of halfhill and run in. This only seems to happen to me when activate the cower (either by dismounting or zoning).
This is constantly happening to me, it's incredibly annoying

I don't understand how bugs this bad which can literally cause you to get camped by guards for no reason make it through the beta
This is constantly happening to me, it's incredibly annoying

I don't understand how bugs this bad which can literally cause you to get camped by guards for no reason make it through the beta

It's entirely possible that it never happened in the beta & is now being caused by one of the hotfixes. I don't remember EVER seeing this particular issue in the beta forums.
Bumping this because this has been a huge problem for me too. i have been attacked and killed nearly a dozen times unprovoked, and i do have the haunted memento so a fix that does not require me getting rid of my ghostly sidekick would be wonderful.

Also The ghost will inturrupt you if you sit down in a barber chair so you can't have your hair cut ether.
also attacked today while mounted. i have a memento, but its in the bank. the guards were already on a rampage when they attacked me.
Lets just say if certain classes use certain abilities on you in halfhill market, they can zone into their little pathetic runaway spot/farm, and the guards will attack and kill you for no reason, causing you to take 10% - 8% durability loss. Memento might also cause this, but really its scrubs that are too scared to take u on because they are awful at the game, so they do this all day long, it's fairly easy to avoid, just stay mounted and in air. But they might get you with hardened shell. If you do this, you are a little scrub.

Oh, and let's just say blizzard hasnt even recognized this through beta - almost 5.2 I doubt they plan on fixing this any time soon. So enjoy a game you pay a ton of money for being bugged as if it was still in beta.


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