Rate my drood

i've been checking all over internet and im thinking im set for now for first raids and i got my first haste breakpoint and i feel pretty OP with spirit right now. Just lemme know what you guys think. Thanks.
Not bad. A lot of gear that's not quite right, but you've managed to reforge and gem/enchant it into something usable. Need to change that brewfest trinket for something useful, though. Your regen is on the low-ish side. With all blue 463 gear my wish list has me at 8500 spirit, 3400 mastery, 3100 haste. (using JC gems for 480 spirit x 2)

I've still got several pieces I'm chasing down so don't check me out too closely.
hate you with a burning passion =( My only green piece is my shoulders for my balance set -grumbles in jealousy about your shoulders)

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