Help new Mage lvl 12

Just started playing wow what's best gear to get for 12-15 I won't regear again till 20
Frankly, for that low of a level, just get what you can. You only get to wear cloth gear. We like gear with intellect, stamina, and combat modifying stats such as haste, crit, hit, and mastery at higher levels.
Thank you also can you enchant gear?
It's possible to get gear enchanted, but unless you're leveling enchanting or wanting to stunt your leveling at a certain point, enchanting gear at a nonmax level is typically not worth the effort since the gear will be replaced in only a couple levels.
Thank you also can you enchant gear?
Me personally? No. You can view other player's profession by clicking on their forum avatar; it will bring you to an online character sheet, and professions will be listed there.

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