Requesting these changes to enhancement.

Stormstrike should increase crit chance of Elemental Blast.

Stormstrike and Lava Lash Mana Cost should be removed, or significantly lowered.

Stonebulwark should be a base line ability and add AOE taunt back into it.

Tremor should work on guardian's like Feral Spirit, and our Elementals.

Spirit Walk should give immunity to snare and root effects for 4 seconds on top of its current effect.

Spirit Walk should also remove snares and roots and give immunity to Feral Spirit.

The 4 piece bonus on the PVP set is a great step in the right direction, but the damage loss of using Frostbrand is still too significant for it to be used.

Elemental Blast loses its 30% damage increase burst from Unleashing Flametongue.
All spells lose 7% damage from Flametongue.
Flametongue proc deals more damage because of searing flames.

In the end the damage loss is not worth switching to Frost Brand, almost every other class we team up with has a snare that doesnt have such a significant downside to using it.
These aren't even ridiculous demands, we seriously get 1 snare breaker and usually get snared immediately after. We lose damage on our 4 pc, maybe no one at blizz plays enhance so they didn't realize it.
Pvping as enhance is the most frustrating thing right now. Only shining light is globaling people during ascendance. Easily the most kiteable class. Unleashed fury frost brand needs to also remove snares. At that point it would basically be a charge but without the whole stun factor. Arguably needed. You know people said things would balance out at 90 but I'm not seeing the niche we are going to fill in pvp. As it stands now we all now who are going to be the OP specs; basically BM hunter, warrior, frost Mage, rdruid. I don't like the philosophy oft hey don't try and balance all specs for pvp because people like to play their spec not just the class. It's another uphill battle for us again this xpac.
I agree, if frostband's UF also removed imparing effects I wouldn't even care about the damage loss from flametongue
It's funny how most of our important / main abilities don't even contribute towards each other.
Anyone else notice how little lightning bolt hits for?
I am just mad we lost Earthen Power ….
I want the UE frost brand to take away snares, I've never been kited so hard in my life
I mean give us wind walker totem as a non talent spell and id be slightly ok

To be honest my wind shear Cooldown is what was one of the skills I loved so much and now the increase to 12 seconds is annoying i mean i know its the first week and all but I can't get used to 12 seconds.

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