Ink Trader

If/When will the ink trader use Ink of Dreams as its trade-in rather than Blackfallow Ink?
I think I saw a post/interview somewhere that said it'd convert "after a week or two". So it could be as early as tomorrow.
I'm sort of hoping it doesn't change tomorrow, I was going to farm up a ton of cata herbs, mill them on my 85 scribe, make ink, and then send it to this guy to level his inscription without needing all the low level herbs...

If it does go live tomorrow, then I guess I'll drop inscription and pick up herbalism to feed my alchemy. I don't really need two scribes anyways. You can never have too many alchemists though.
Why is it, I go and buy 3 Warbinder Inks, send them to my scribe to make a glyph, and I can't get the inks i need b/c the game tells me "Item not found" when I use the ink trader in Org.
Seeing this tonight too.
same - item not found

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