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Im always log on to remote chat, even when i've logged out of the app and even uninstalled it form my phone. I have even tryed logging in & out of remote chat through another device and it is still bugged and keep me logged in.
yep, me too. Dont know if this is something that might be a problem in the future but I am always on remote chat. I uninstalled Armory from my phone and I am still online with remote only. Would be nice to see this fixed.
I'm having the same problem , its annoying it looks like I'm playing 2 toons !
If you minimize the app without logging out of Guild Chat, the character that was logged into chat will be set to a mobile Away state. If you're in this state and you close the app or uninstall it, the server can fail to receive the message that you've closed/uninstalled the app, and then keep your character online. This is very common with mobile devices, as they are in a constant flux of being online and offline.

If you have this issue, install the Mobile Armory on the original device you logged in and went Away with, sign into Guild Chat with that character, and then sign out of guild chat and finally the app altogether.

You should do this for any additional devices you may have logged in with.

If this does not work, the server expires the Away status after ~2 weeks.

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