Portal Trainer - Shrine of the Seven Stars?

My friend and I ran over to the new Alliance city (Shrine of the Seven Stars) so I could train to portal there. We can't find a trainer. I can't even find a reference to the ability on WoWhead... Does anyone know where it is? Please tell me there is one.
The portals to the new places are in your General section of your spellbook. Not with your other talents.

Now if these spells work like every other spell at the moment, you should already know it by 90.
I don't see them in there. Do they just show up automatically when I hit 90 or something? I see that you are 90. Do you have it?
I had to train for the spells. I simply learned them from the Stormwind Portal Trainer. They won't show up in your other portal's/teleport's tab. They're be separate and will show up in the General tab in your spellbook.
Ah cool. I went to the SW trainer and I see them now. I was thinking it would be like Dalaran where they had a trainer in the city. Whew! I was scared for a minute that they were taking that away from us... Thanks. :)
i cant find mine :S
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Necro! Everyone drink!

way ahead of you, sir.
The portal trainers.

Weird that they still make us visit an arbitrary trainer that only teaches portals, meanwhile we just automatically learn everything else.
There is a portal trainer in Dalaran that teaches you the Vale of Eternal Blossoms port...
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Spell need to be learn, but there is no trainer in pandaria, go to any other trainer, stormwind for example, learn this just like tol barad teleport portal. Will NOT be in general tab but together with all other teleport/portal.
I just want to know when it's going to have it's own icon rather than being a copy of the shattrah one.
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Necro! Everyone drink!

way ahead of you, sir.
Very helpful, thanks.
Yep had to port to dalaran and learned my portals there. They do not just magically appear in your spell book like previous poster mentioned
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