A Witness to History quest problem

I have a quest called A Witness to History and one called Breaking the Emperor's Shield that show completed in my log, but no ? shows on map and what note I did read mentioned the area to go to, when I get there, nothing is there. Apparently other have had probs with it as well and some deleted n picked up again. This occurs in Kun-Lai zone. Anyone know what is going on or what to do short of deleting n trying to figure out where I picked it up anyway???
I am also stuck out of phase on the same quest:

I completed Witness to History and walked through the gates. Then, instead of turning the quest in to Zhi The Harmonious, I had this great idea that I should finish the quests in the other zones first or I would never get to them later. Once completed, a friend flew me to 7Stars on her drake where I got my flying skill. I continued playing for days before I realized that I had no Golden Lotus, Lorewalkers or Shado-pan dailies and quests.

Somehow, the Witness History quest is no longer in my log, I might have abandoned it, I don't remember. The gates are still open, but Zhi will not talk to me. I am stuck.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
A witness to history was shown on one place of my map but I actually turned it it at The Golden Pagoda, Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Hope that helps!
I too are on the Same quest and for some reason it don't even say I completed it if you are able to assist us on this problem I would be most greatful

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