Symbiosis is kind of lame

I was really pumped for this spell, but once I got my druid to 87, I am realizing it is not as cool or good as I thought it would be.

Firstly, the cast time is long. TOO long. It makes it a huge pain to cast on people in dungeons and I can imagine in bgs. In dungeons so far, I have been switching my Sym targets depending on the encounter; the cast time makes it tought to do that well.

Our lvl 87 spell requires us to be grouped to get any benefit whatsoever. I have been questing primarily solo. In order to take advantage of my new spell, I need someone else to help me and agree to let me use it. Perhaps this will be less of an issue at higher levels. It would be nice if it did something when not being grouped.

Is it true that the player you cast Symbiosis on can cancel any time they wish? (I have not tested this). If this is true, this needs to change.

I think all that matters is that its gonna get some very clutch cool-downs for people to use in pvp/tanking and even healing. Other classes may not benefit as often as we do from it, but it really is quite cool. Its like Dark simulacrum, but you don't have to worry about stealing something. That takes more skill perhaps, but this gives you the ability to vary your strats depending on what fight you are in, be it PvE or PvP.
It is way to long cant even get the cast off on someone in 5 mans most of the time cause they like to rush right through so they either end up around a corner or in combat before i can get the cast off
> Use guild-only groups
> Get yelled at for telling the tank to wait 6sec while I finish the cast
> Get yelled at for telling the tank to wait 6sec while I finish the cast, 2min later after the chain-pull is done because "I should have done this at the beginning of the instance."
I like it. As a tank, I get a free CD from a DK or Monk, or a offensive spell from a pally or shaman. Some of the things, like Feint and Fear Ward, are pretty crap - I think they need reworking a bit, though I'm sure some of them are PvP-oriented.
09/30/2012 11:49 AMPosted by Klissa
I like it. As a tank

That's because for the most part it only benefits tanks. At least in PVE.
There will be some interesting uses for PVP, I'm sure. And it will probably get nerfed as a result of QQ.
I like it quite a bit. Its pretty awesome in pvp. Having dogs was pretty awesome in a couple dungeons as well.
getting people to hold still for 6 seconds seems to be asking alot out of them. As a druid tank people end up pulling for me as I'm trying to get symbiosis set up, putting me in combat and cancelling the whole thing. There is no reason this shouldnt be instant cast.
09/28/2012 12:50 PMPosted by Vaedrin
There is no reason this spell needs to have a long cast time IF it's not castable in combat, which it isn't.

If it wasn't a long cast time you could just shadowmeld and switch out your symb with your other teamate immediately, would be pretty OP
There's literally no purpose to even use it in dungeons since the cast time can be interrupted by combat too.
09/30/2012 01:54 PMPosted by Trëëhippie
If it wasn't a long cast time you could just shadowmeld and switch out your symb with your other teamate immediately, would be pretty OP

Both members have to be out of combat.
Blizz wants us to "get out there and experience the content" rather than sit in orgrimar and Q for dungeons, but our new "epic" lev 87 talent is useless unless you are in a group. hmmmmm
Agreed - for the only new spell we get in the xpac it is totally lame. I have only used it once and the ability we got was useless with a way too long cooldown.
So I wanted to throw in 2 cents as someone who has cast this spell in basically every party i've been in when going into heroics(as resto AND feral both). I try casting it on several different classes each time i've gone in, to see if there was ever a situation I would want to use it in. Answer? Nope.

I've literally gotten zero use out of this ability whatsoever. Everything it grants me, I have something else to use thats better than it before it. Need to reduce dmg? i'll use barkskin or ironbark (probably not ever ironbark on myself but its an option). When that spell is cast, I usually don't need to use another reduce dmg CD until barkskin is already back up and ready to cast again.

There are other abilities that it grants, and I have gotten not one single use out of any of them. There just is no need. You can give me 10 different spells per spec I have, if they are all useless, I won't bother with it.

I reviewed all the other classes abilities gained at 87 and they all have a viable use to put in for every single combat, or at the LEAST every single boss. The only exception is warlocks demonic gateway, which is a great spell, but may not be used EVERY fight, however they also get a 90 ability which lets them recast a DoT and make it last longer, which WILL be used every fight.

My personal experience is not every players experience, its not. But I have put honest effort in each time I get into a heroic, I have. But never once have I needed what I got. Something needs to be done.
God forbid we have a spell that is situationally useful. Blizzard should just make all spells useful in all situations. That way, we don't even need to think and just press all the buttons in any order.

I personally like Symbiosis. It's a spell that emphasizes the versatility of the druid class, which is one of the main reasons to play a druid. Sure, some of the choices are pretty crappy, but choosing the right class to target with symbiosis and learning how to maximize the gained ability is what separates good druids from the normal ones.
Please read this and give use more useful spells.

#1 Shorten cast time. It's crazy that it's so long.

#2 Allow us to cast out of party. Makes no sense that we have to be grouped. It should work like a buff.

#3 Give us some more useful spells. As of now Tanks are the only class that get any real use from Symbiosis and it's even pretty mediocre for them. Us boomkins get practically nothing of use at all.
Use it as a tank, on a DK and get bone shield. Works for me.
As heals, I like a couple of the abilities. I usually take Spiritwalker's or IBF. My main issue, similar to everyone else, is the cast time. I often can't get it off before someone pulls or runs around a corner out of LOS.
As guardian pve spec, I think the spell is pretty much worthless.

As a healer in pvp, I think it's pretty cool, but I wish I could just pick which ability I want rather than to try and track down the right class and get them to stand still for a while.

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