Disc healing dungeons at 87 & mana

I know that mana issues seem to be a big topic and I was wondering what really changed to make me go oom so fast, is it the hard mana cap? I raid healed as disc with not a single Lana issue, only in the death wing fight if the other healer was in subpar gear.

Now it seems it's 3, 2, 1 oom. My spirit is defiantly significantly lower which might be the issue as I remember having nearly 30% spell hit when I was shadow at 85 because of it. How much spirit should we aim to have when trying to heal the leveling dugeons?
Every item should have Spirit, if at all possible. I also much prefer Mindbender to FDCL.
i would be aiming to atonement heal as much a posible, even the blizzard devs used atonement over flashes ect as much as possible

Spirit shell is amazing when u know AoE dmg is coming, spirit shell and then AoE heal = win.
I always have mindbender in disc, and I've actually used attonment healing as my main source of healing pre patch as I found the extra DPS and healing buff to be very beneficial.

The last boss of Shadow-pan monastery has me going oom very fast as I have to prayer of healing much more than other bosses due to his aoe damage. Of course im making use of my CDs like barrier and such. Im going to try runnig with a 750 spirit elixer and see if that helps. I usually choose shadow quest rewards over heals so I believe I'm only sitting at ~1800 spirit
i had a guildy msg me last night in guild, i had more int than him and he has more spirit than me, and he said he was struggling. and i had moments but i battled through, not sure completely yet.

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