Are Daily Quests Bugged?

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I've done, Taming Kalimdor, Taming Eastern Kingdoms, Taming Outland, Taming Northrend and I've only seen one or two dailys after killing the end zone bosses but it doesn't repeat every day is it bugged?
There seem to have been a lot of hotfixes with the quests or something about the accound-wide nature of them is quirky ... the behaviour doesn't feel like it's been consistent from day to day.

Today's oddity was that I did a daily in Northrend and was just offered gold, no bag of pet supplies and it gave me a message about a quest step being completed.
I did the EK, Kali and Outlands final quests. Immediately after I was able to get the Account Daily blue quest. But now after 48hrs have passed no blue quest again.
Same did it one day but these so called dailies aren't resetting everyday.
My EK pet daily did not reset today (it would have been the first time.)
Same here, I just beated the tamers in EK and OW, take the daily inmediatly after defeating them, and never again

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