Quest: Attention

Bug Report
The quest Attention is not wrking for me. No bar pops up allowing me to do the right punch left punch command and i can not do the quest.
There isn't a right and left punch. Use your own and hit right or left bag.
The one it hasn't yelled out has huge resistance.

BUT I did have another bug. When I got its HP down to zero (as the bar showed me) the bags both disappeared (as they should) BUT my quest still showed as 0/2 bags killed and the NPC didn't raise a yellow "?". And the "LEFT" and "RIGHT" calls still kept appearing (that may be because another player was next to me - ??)

I simply went off and did other quests and once out of range the LEFT and RIGHT stopped.
And when I came back 20 min later, the NPC had the yellow ? and I could turn in the quest.
I was part of the beta test, and recall sending a report, but since there is no record of that any more.

In my case, I was playing a Warlock in Beta, and had to tame my minion. If I recall, I did not get a special tool bar, but after trying more than once to get one, by abandoning the quest.

I really expected the issue to be resolved before release.

I tried the quest with my horde shaman, and did not get the tool bar. Expecting that the problem had been resolved, and any type of killing two would work, also did not work. I have not tried the quest again, as I was disgusted with the lack of attention to an obvious bug.

All in all, this quest is ridiculously complex, and destined to fail. Today I watched a hunter attack two target dummies that were in totally separate groups, and his pet running back and forth between each targeted dummy.

Having such unpublished (It ain't in the quest log) limitations and unpublished requirements does not make a good quest. Unfortunately, there are several quests that have unpublished requirements. Especially those that include minions and pets not being included as a part of the player's toon and if a killing blow is sent by a minion, or pet, does not conclude in completion of the quest, simply because the final blow was not from the player's toon. That is just WRONG.

Check out the comments on WoWHead. You will see more of what I am saying.
Bag units (hangers, whatever) are in backwards. Make sure you're standing on the side of the unit that shows a yellow disc/circle in the middle. Otherwise, you're punching the wrong bags and 90% of your damage is being restored. (Info from; I didn't discover this until I'd spent a stupid amount of time thinking my wand was fouled up.)

This was bugged in beta, and IS STILL BUGGED. [shakes head]

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