Holy Paladin in MoP? [3]

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So I was a druid and I'm now a paladin. How are they in mists YADA YADA YADA x3

Blacksmithing is SO EXPENSIVE holy
mine has more posts

and amathy didnt join the skype group
is this the new thread
yeah i didn't want creepers to add me

ugh too late amathy AGAIN

i went to sleep u dum
Hows that leveling coming along?
Im not sure if I want to give ret a shot or not :s
gotta be playing with rets warriors and rogues cuz god knows I'm not gonna outheal a druid, but I can blow them up.
who said that?

85 to 87 is quick, 87 to 90 is boring.
09/29/2012 04:11 PMPosted by Amathyqt
idk, people on the general forums

The scary thing is, I see smarter stuff posted over there. Unlike;


IQ dropping...

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