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Bug Report
This quest in Jade Forest (horde side) has an issue. You get an item called Sky Shark Signal Flare. The description for this item reads "Stolen from the Sky Shark's wreckage, it appears the hozen tried using this as a melee weapon."

The issue here: the Sky Shark (and wreckage) was from the OLD version of Jade Forest that only existed in beta. The Sky Shark was removed, and Honeydew Village was put in its place. So...it doesn't exist. There's no such thing as the Sky Shark. The horde gunship is called Hellscream's Fist.

This inconsistency could easily be fixed by just changing the name of the flare to Hellscream's Fist Signal Flare, and change the text to say it was stolen from the wreckage of Hellscream's Fist.
I just noticed that there are plenty of Hozen hanging around the Hellscream's Fist wreck, as I went through that area on my first alt. So the change I recommended above would work nicely.

I wanted to clarify that the quest text itself is fine, the only thing that's wrong is the description of the item itself if you mouse over it, this is what needs to be corrected.

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