Howling Blast no Frost Fever?

Death Knight
I noticed today that Howling Blast is no longer placing Frost Fever on any but my primary target. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Wondering if it is my UI or if something else is screwed up. Just to be sure I went back to the skeleton WoW UI and still had no spreading of frost fever through Howling Blast.
It is a bug. Unholy Blight is currently acting in the same way, and I saw another poster complaining that Chain's wasn't working correctly either. I have yet to see a blue post on the issue though. If any has seen one, please direct us too it so we know what's going on.
This has to be a bug. As long as they fix it by Tuesday.....
Yep, noticed this nonsense earlier.
I'm unholy and the same problem is happening with unholy blight.
They better fix this by Tuesday. Kinda necesary for RBGs.

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