The achievement for doing all scenarios on a saturday.

Has anybody gotten it?

I've done A brewing storm & greenstone village and it didnt give me credit for either one. I just don't want to do all the scenarios and not get credit for it. I have other things to do today in-game if I'm not gonna get the title today.

Thanks in advance
Same thing has happen to me, I think its broken.
Did every scenario and it was broken for all of them. No credit rewarded for any of them.
Yeah, it's broken.
Yeah, I just did all the scenarios today and i didnt even get 1 of them to credit towards the achievement. Plus I didnt get the achievement for doing A Brewing Storm either :(
It may not be properly crediting completion of scenarios. I randomly found an NPC while flying around that gave a quest to complete 'Brewing a Storm' and even after finishing the scenario I didn't have quest completion.
The quest completion for Brewing Storm seems to be bugged, but most of the other quests have completed fine.
Tried it last sat, still not working.
i've been trying to get it too and i've put in a bug report and no responce to it as of yet i did all them last saterday and nothing hopefuly blizz gets it fixed soon and give everone cred for doing it already
I'm just gonna bump this because it'd be really nice to have some blue input as to the status of a fix...

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