Windsong not working?

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Is anyone else getting this problem. After dpsing a target dummy for 20 minutes straight, I have yet to get even one proc. I have yet to get one in any instance or from grinding mobs/doing dailys. I have two different weapons with the encahnt on it, to see if maybe it was just wands bugging it out but, while using a staff I did not get any procs.

Is this -proc just off direct dmg and have a very very low proc rate? This is the only thing I can see being possible.

There are multiple, I have asked around, and none of them(dot classes) that are getting the proc. Even healers arn't getting them.
I was wondering why this seemed to never proc for me when on Beta it was proc'ing constantly.

Needs to be fixed, thanks guys!
Agreed. It's completely bugged. Rarely seems to proc. You never get stacking procs as we did on beta. Pretty useless enchant in it's current broken form. Please fix. Thank you.
I rarely seem to get procs too and only from direct healing spells, hots do not seem to affect it at all which makes it particularly bad for resto druids :'( please fix
I've tried DPSing our of shadow form, I've tried enchanting both weapons again. Still doesn't work, mean while melee works fine.
it seems to be proccing just fine for me i even seen it proc twice and have 2 buffs from it running
As near as I can tell, the problem is that it doesn't proc of off HoTs/DoTs. This makes sense for a proc with no internal cooldown. The downside is that some classes (like affliction locks) have absolutely no chance in their normal rotation to proc it. So, back to power torrent until jade serpent becomes available.
I haven't seen any procs either, from multi-dotting, spamming spells, or anything. It just will not proc at all for anything! Needs to be fixed FAST.
Same... /bump
Same issue, I've found elemental force procs just as infrequently. Please fix these before raiding starts Tuesday!
What is this internet? How does it work, do just type things here and hit enter?!
Same thing is happening to me, would like some help.
Limited resources gogogo!

jk <3 blizz fix pls :)
affliction lock here. have never seen it proc off my spells. hit the target once with a melee and it procs. not sure why this hasn't been fixed by now but please do.
Can not get Windsong to proc from anything. Also, Elemental Force seems to be proc'ing too infrequently. I average 1-2 ppm where wowhead lists it at 5 ppm.
I'm experiencing the same issues, as both Shadow and Holy.
Same issue here. 0 procs.
Same issue. get about one proc every three minutes. Very annoying. Sad a cata enchant beats the only one viable in MOP right now.

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