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I sent you a letter In-game, Jintsao, cause you weren't online D:

10/04/2012 03:01 PMPosted by Noitora
Can I join on my dwarf?

All Alliance races are welcome to our beer. All Horde races are welcome to have our beer thrown at them and then lit on fire.

Though the guild is based around the idea of a Pandaren brewery, we are open to all Alliance races who are dedicated to our mission - to bring brew (beer, tea, coffee) to Alliance Forces as they face off against the dastardly Horde.

That said, the guild can use more members! We're slowly getting established, but one of the problems I'm running into is that people (understandably) want an established guild. So, come on people, help us get established!

If all goes according to plan, we're hosting our first tavern tomorrow night at 7pm server time.

Positions we're recruiting for:
Brewers (General Members)
Delivery Specialists (RP-PVP folks)
Maaaaybe Yiji (Entertainers. Chinese (and thus Pandaren?) equivalent of Geisha. NOT prostitutes)


I got your in-game mail. I won't be around until late this evening, but have told our PVP officer (our only officer atm...) to be on the look out for you. Her name is Leisong.


I'll be on later in the afternoon, and will get in contact with Leisong if she's around :D

So I gotta ask, if you don't mind answering such on the forums - new player or new account?

Account. I've been around for a while ;P
WTB more tea shops.

We had one going in Thunder Bluff way back ran by a tauren, shame it shut down. :(

Not sure where anyone got this idea from. I never shut down.

WTB more tea shops.

We had one going in Thunder Bluff way back ran by a tauren, shame it shut down. :(

You're kidding, right? Nakawe isn't running Mu'sha's Flora anymore?
I've not been Horde enough.

Still here!

... Anyway. Bumping this because I did a search for my name and found that apparently word is being spread that I'm no longer doing my thang.

Best of luck to the OP!

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