anyone else notice issues with orc helmets???

Bug Report
ever since 5.0.4 dropped i noticed that my transmog helmet "Valorous Scourgebourne Helmet" didnt look quite right anymore, have put in multiple tickets/suggestions about it and never really get any helpful answers, and as of today the problem is still not fixed.

To me it seems that the helmet sits too far forward now so my orcs face is way further inside the helm compared to pre 5.0.4, and this... makes it look really stupid... so much that i dont show helmet anymore, which is a pain since i spent a few months farming naxxramas 25 man weekly to try get this helmet transmog in the first place.

Anyone else out there noticing the same problem?? if so please post, this is my last option for actually getting my voice heard on this issue so any support would be massively appreciated!!!
yea yea hardout man, i have the same transmog on my orc death knight and it looks so terrible now lol, something needs to be done about this as i spent a long time farming for that helmet
awwwh shet, man it seems im not the only one that this is affecting, my orc DK used to look bawss but now he looks like down syndrome with that transmog set. doesnt surprise me tho blizz seem to do out of the blue stuff like this alot, and sumtimes arent too keen on fixing it sadly...
yea i hear that
This is why I don't have an orc. Js

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