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I have a friend who works for Rogers, and I've also personally confirmed that they are having issues with their DNS servers in the GTA and likely in the surrounding areas.

Some people haven't been affected, but others have been unable to play because of incredibly high latency, low download/upload speeds, or just an unstable connection.

Apparently they're working to fix this; if you haven't troubleshot your modem/router you very likely wouldn't have known this unless you checked your DOCSIS logs. You might see Dynamic Range Window Violations, or some other DNS-related error.

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up if you were having issues. Good luck! :)

PS: If anyone has any workarounds, please post them here. It'd be appreciated. I think switching your DNS server might work, but I'm really not that bothered personally.
Yep, having the same problem all evening here. I have tried everything from ip renew/reset/flushdns to actually using google DNS.

Using google DNS actually helped for a few hours but now it's back to being VERY unstable. I hope they fix this soon.
Ah I thought I was the only one, Rogers here from the Greater Toronto Area, having 4-5k ms world latency.
I switched to google public dns and it's a lot better for now.

There's some instructions here but for those who don't know how maybe someone could do a better explanation.

I have Rogers, but in New Brunswick, and am having latency problems as well. Others that posted on my forum thread from NB say the same thing.
I've always been using Google DNS, seems more reliable and faster.

Since about 9:30pm my latency has been extremely high in WoW only. I have no packet loss and low latency using anything else though.
Thanks for the info, was wondering what the hell was going on... Got 2.5k MS
Yup been having problems for about an hour or so now. Hopefully they get it fixed soon quite annoying :(
Ye constantly high ms i searched around an found out its the provider having issues, hopefully its resolved very soon.
Dammit rogers, Im in the woodbridge area, getting terrible latency right now.
Its sucks up in the Ottawa area too :(

Roger's servers are bad and they should feel bad.
Its just as bad up here in Ottawa.
Also from NB and getting this. Didn't seem to get it on any other server than bleeding hollow, though.
Ottawa as well.. Trying the Google DNS now to see if that fixes it at least for a while.
Uggh Rogers.
Yep....I'm in Ottawa and even these forums seem slow tonight.
Looks like they're treating wow like a P2P file sharing program again .... I hate rogers, but the other Canadian telco's aren't any better .... Canadians really get the short end of the stick when it comes to internet services.
09/29/2012 08:14 PMPosted by Lazerhorse
Also from NB and getting this. Didn't seem to get it on any other server than bleeding hollow, though.

Yup me as well as a couple others from NB are having terrible latency involving Rogers.
Rogers, Ottawa here as well, on SH, my ping is currently 2206/4905
However if I swap server to say, Kel'Thuzad its 32/34 and all is normal.
Try a tracert to your server and see where its failing maybe ?

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