[Bug] Quest: Killing the Quilen

Bug Report
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HELP! I cant do anymroe with out this thing done!

Turned in the other quest, picked up this one, now nothing. There are no needed mobs in the zone.
Same issue here.
Add me to the list. I've tried everything I can to fix it to no avail. Ticket time: 3 days 9 hours. v.v
I'm having this issue too, sadly. Hopefully this gets fixed quickly, I really need to get started on the Golden Lotus rep!
I as well. This blows.
Same here.
I was on this quest, saw guardians all over the place, que for heroic popped, after we finished Jade Tample, I returned to a field of spiders and mogu statues. I've gotten one statue to come to life, though I have no idea how. It's very strange.
I'm having the exact same problem after accepting a Coren Direbrew queue.
Exact same issue.
Really hope they fix this soon. Every day that goes by the more people are missing out. You would figure that since everyone needs this Rep to unlock some of the others they would get their butts to work.
Add me to the victims of this bug.

I'm also doing Stones of Power at the same time and it has the same issue with nothing to gather.

The bad part is that I doubt we will get compensation for the lost lesser tokens and, more importantly, lost rep when they eventually get around to fixing it...
I dont get it, this bug was reported by the OP 3 days ago and they have since done a "hotfix" or 2 and this was not included in this fix.

If these 2 quests "Killing the Quilen" and "Stones of Power" are needed to open the golden lotus dailys that we have to do before we can open other rep dailys just so we can gear for raiding/LFR how come they did not fix these already?
I'm affected as well, only spiders in the area.
When are we gonna get a blue response on this? We are being prevented from progressing, in a game that forces you to complete dailies to progress. I just find the whole thing baffling, why isn't this one of the top issues to be fixed? You make dailies required to progress but we can't access them to progress..

sense, this makes none.
Same issue.
Exact same problem, this is not okay there are alot of us missing out on content due to this problem.
Same problem here, even drop the quest but the NPC does not give it back, but also notice that I try to do other quest in the area and seems like my char is out of face all together
same thing for me. entered the halls when i had 4/9 and when i came back all the mobs were replaced with spiders.

itd be nice to be able to start the rep grind...

4 days for my gm ticket
I'm getting so irritated with this, I was doing this quest and Stones of Power when I left to look at Alani.

I came back to spiders =( No Quilens and no crystals, too bad this wasn't fixed in the last hotfix.
The whole zone seems to be phased wrong has anyone been able to do this quest before it "broke" ?

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