Onyx Egg hunting: Tips?

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Anyone have any tips for gather Onyx Eggs? I've made about 30-40 flights around the island, and only have 3 egg to show for it.
go back in time before people knew about them and get them in 1 day, like me.

or try and find a friend on a very unpopulated server, and have him inv you there where you have less competition.
lol, am serious. I'm on Dalaran, not very populated already.
There was apparently a stealth nerf to onyx egg spawn rates recently.
Along with an influx of players that are egg hunting so they can reach exalted. :p

That's probably why you're having trouble finding eggs. :x

As for a tip, pay attention to the mountain tops and in between the mountain tops.
The eggs seem to spawn around those areas for the most part.
Darn lol, is there any macro or such thing that might be able to assist?
that a No??
I thought Cross-Realm hopping wasn't possible in Pandaria yet? I tested it with my friend ( he tried from 5 different servers ) I didn't get moved at all.
Good joke, I'm on Frostmourne and the reality of an egg is just non-existent. I have spent 2 days looking along side over 20 other people at all hours of the day, never even seen an egg.

Rep grind in this expansion is an absolute joke.
It's all about timing and location. Scout the island, and maybe you'll get lucky.
Seems like it got nerfed to -%50 spawn rate
It has worked for me everywhere else except for Pandaria.
8 people actively "sit" on the mountain tops surrounding the isle and made it virtually impossible to get any eggs. I remember getting 9 in a row in the third day, then I haven't seen any since. I will be really saddened if I gotta grind dailies to get from revered to exalted.
I got exalted in two days, right before people were aware of their existance and I started seeing competition for them. Before that I was farming pretty much uncontested.

Got my green serpent and left.
I got 11 Eggs in about 10 swoops you just have to time their spawns right, they spawn in random locations. They spawn about every 45 minutes, look hard and you'll find them.
Depending on your server, I did mine early early morning, usually had 10-14 before I would log to head out into the real world.
MACRO64 0000000000000011 "eggs" "INV_SWORD_1H_PANDUNG_C_01"
/way 65.08, 26.20
/way 66.64, 28.69
/way 67.12, 24.94
/way 65.18, 24.77
/way 67.05, 33.81
/way 66.61, 31.58
/way 66.54, 32.20
/way 63.09, 29.31
/way 69.65, 31.64
/way 70.53, 28.99
/way 61.89, 30.20
/way 66.18, 33.43
/way 62.40, 32.36
/way 65.63, 25.07
MACRO64 0000000000000012 "eggs2" "INV_SWORD_1H_PANDUNG_C_01"
/way 64.18, 23.92
/way 63.39, 21.62
/way 62.98, 21.95
/way 62.37, 32.84
/way 62.17, 31.75
/way 62.19, 31.21
/way 67.02, 32.68
/way 62.46, 28.77
/way 62.21, 29.29
/way 62.00, 29.54
/way 63.73, 21.90
/way 62.30, 28.12
/way 62.71, 29.78
/way 66.43, 29.55
MACRO64 0000000000000013 "eggs3" "INV_SWORD_1H_PANDUNG_C_01"
/way 65.18, 24.77
/way 65.24, 23.91
/way 70.33, 28.63
/way 67.06, 30.25
I used an Addon to help with the spawn locations. It required TomTom and this addon simply put in egg locations as way points so you could see them on your minimap. You could fly around using the TomTom arrow to a location which helped. I didn't really try to focus on the eggs, I just flew through a couple of times to check.

It helped me to get a couple of eggs I would have otherwise missed, but ultimately, the grind wasn't too bad if I remember correctly.
Off hours are the best way. I'm on a medium pop realm and if I go any time during offhours, I can grab 5-7 of them right out of the gate. Even during main hours I can usually grab one or two, but I've leveled through exalted rep in 3 sittings before, no sitting lasting longer than 20 minutes or so.

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