Life Changes At Seventy

Up until now, I've gotten many compliments as a healer. One BG touted me as the "best healer ever," and my groups often ask me to do more groups with them. And I try very hard. I watch everyone's health bar like a hawk, though I confess that I'm sometimes remiss in watching my own.

But at level 69, I discovered I'm not a good healer at all. I have tried at least four times to heal an early WotLK dungeon (which I only remember as having a quest that involves gathering weapons from racks and it seems to have fire-blasting furnaces that kind of restrict your direction), and each time I end up dying and leaving my party without a healer.

This is not a request for assistance, since my subscription expires tomorrow and I will not be renewing it. Just a warning to those who are progressing up the ladder: it changes big time at level seventy, and I imagine it will continue to get harder.

Get your macros and watch the health bars, and healing up until level seventy is a breeze, and there's no reason people can't do well at this. Seventy, I discovered, is another matter.

So, adios, everyone.
You probably are a good healer, but you clearly don't understand how to gear (6 or more non Int/Spirit items), no enchants/gems. Straight stam does nothing useful for your healing. You have to research your class.

Anyway, good luck, but i hope you didn't' quit due to being discouraged, because anyone would struggle with your gear
I'd take Desperate Prayer over Bulwark any day. But aside from that where are you struggling? I hear a lot of frustration, and it would be helpful to us to hear you describe the situations that are causing your death.

Years ago (and even sometimes today) I would run into the same problem. I was able to correct the problem by using a Unit Frame such as Vuhdo, then using Pitbull to complement the setup; and then by changing the order of healing importance.

Basically, I changed my view of the game to look like this:

Then, I changed the order of importance to:
1: Self
2: Tank
3: DPS

You have to stay alive, because a dead healer means a dead tank. If the tank dies, but you're still alive, you can often finish the pull by healing the DPS.
My brother and I two-man dungeons while leveling without a problem. We run as a tank and healer and just faceroll our way through them. Mobs getting on you sounds like a problem with your tank. If the tank knows what he's doing, then you (the healer) should only take damage that is unavoidable anyway. A good tank is key. Granted you're not as well geared as you could be (some of your pieces have straight stam and some have AP), but your problem sounds to me like the tank just wasn't doing his job.

The game doesn't "change big time" as you level, it just seems harder if you don't get better. You're blaming all the wrong reasons for your experience.

But in the end, it's better if players like you just stop. Because if you just throw your arms in the air and give up in the face of a little adversity, then everyone else is better off without you.
I honestly don't believe that I have issues that would be rectified by my gear. And I suspect this is a recent development.

The first time I leveled a Disc Priest, mana was much harder to maintain, and I would have at least Spirit in every slot, if not Stamina, Spirit and Intellect. And drinks and mana potions were a must. This time around, I started grabbing items with Spirit as before, but then I discovered mana was no issue. And it still isn't. It might be at level 85 to 90, but now, strangely, it isn't. And that's kind of a shame, since it doesn't encourage players to learn how to maintain their mana or choose their heals conservatively.

As for my choice to have Bulwark, I'm still not very good at watching my own health. I would be if my health bar was with everyone else in the group. But Desperate Prayer is an activated ability. Bulwark is passive which is why I chose it as better suited to me.

And since I'm on a PvP server, I may as well stack Stamina, since Spirit is nowhere near as needed at my level than it was previously. It is kind of a shame that keeping a full mana pool became so easy. I have a feeling that, if I stayed, I would eventually be in for a rude shock.

I probably wouldn't be able to explain my problems very well. I just know that I tried five times to finish that dungeon, and failed each time. Since I'm the only common denominator in those misadventures, I assume the problem is me. I hate to screw things up for other people. People do random dungeons in good faith; we assume we're going to get competent people who try their best at their roles. Yes, DPS can probably get away with slacking, but Healers and Tanks cannot. And if they try, the group should kick them.
If you're not healing yourself you're probably using the default party frames intead of raid frames. Try switching to the raid frames (interface> raid profiles> check right hand corner and I like mine coloured by class). It's good to get used to them anyway, since you'll be using them for raids and pvp, and if you don't like them you can change them back, just give them a chance. The bars make health declines really easy to see, and your health bar will look like everyone elses so it's easy to heal yourself. Angellic bulwark is great for you since you're struggling to watch your health, so stick with it for now.

Seriously...gear makes a HUGE difference. I had the same experience at level 80, and almost quit myself. Everything you wear should be enchanted if possible and gemmed. All of your gear should have Int and Spirit on it (if no spirit on an item regorge haste to spirit). Your gear is completely off, and at level 70 that's going to hurt you a lot more than previous levels, and it'll only get worse from there.

Here is a quick easy reference for gear. It may not be perfect, but it'll help. Since you're quitting anyway, spend all your money to replace every item that does not have int and spirit on it, gem, enchant and reforge. Then try it and see how much better you feel. If it doesn't work out nothing lost.

My suggestion is to prioritise like this
Spirit (until comfortable...which will take a while)> Int > Mastery > Crit > Haste. Reforge all haste and crit to mastery.

My last guess is that you're not using mouseover macros or a healing addon, so you're clicking. That's extra steps to heal which will make you slow compared to how good you'd otherwise be. If you are forget this.

Maybe healing just isn't for you and you should try another class. It is hard and requires research to do well. Other class roles are more forgiving. Again, i'd like to re-assure you that healing is hard, and I was met with a similar crisis. I buckled up and researched stubbornly until I learned what I was doing wrong. Now I'm one of 3 main healers for our progressing MOP raid group, and I do very well. I love healing more than anything and have no interest in other classes (I'm a terrible tank though, and only so so at dps)

Whatever you decide, I wish you great luck on your travels. I hate seeing someone so down on themselves though, makes me sad *hugs*
09/30/2012 02:34 PMPosted by Kirse
If you're not healing yourself you're probably using the default party frames intead of raid frames. Try switching to the raid frames (interface> raid profiles> check right hand corner and I like mine coloured by class). It's good to get used to them anyway, since you'll be using them for raids and pvp, and if you don't like them you can change them back, just give them a chance.

Best advice I ever got since someone gave me mouseover macros some months ago, and it went down without a single death, although I came very close to dying with some AoE that dropped me to about 25% in one shot.

Makes seeing everyone so much easier, instead of looking at those tiny health bars, with mine apart from everyone else's. Worked very well, thanks so much.
09/30/2012 05:18 PMPosted by Arston
mouseover macros

I used to heal on a holy paladin in Wrath without mouse-over macros or clique or anything. The day I gave in and started using Vuhdo was the day I began to truly enjoy healing. Also, the use of raid frames can't be over-emphasized.

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