Freezing on 'Character Info' window

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The past couple of days, my game has been freezing up. I noticed that it happens every time I open the 'Character Info' window. This is extremely aggravating as it causes doing things like reforging to take a long time. I have a habit of hitting the 'C' key to check my toon out (I transmogrified everything and look awesome) only to find myself extremely frustrated and wanting to set my laptop on fire. Besides replacing my Mac with a PC.... what can I do to solve this? I remember there used to be a repair application for the game but I don't see that anymore.
Looks like this is happening to me as well, i am thinking addons. I am looking into it right now and will post once i find out. To try this, remove all addons and open your Info window, its a start.

EDIT: Wow so i got lucky, I removed 2 addons and everything is good now.

1) Better Blizz Options, this addon allowed you to move blizzards menu window and other windows that were annoyingly in the way.

2) Player Score, I just put it on 2hrs ago and thought i would use it again, nope...error with the info window as PS tries to read and send data ( so i imagine).

Hope this helps! Repost.
I disableed gearscore / playerscore and the problem went away
Oh thank you for this post, I couldn't figure out what was wrong!! Worked perfectly.
I was having the same problem. Ty for the fix
I've been getting this too and I"m not running playerscore/gear score. it's intermittent, was mostly seeing it in instances, last time was while I was on a taxi

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