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In all of my time questing, and that is the main way I am lvling, I have found only one Golden Lotus. And I always pick an herb if I see it. Its almost an obsession.

How many have you found and which zones seem to drop them more?

Yes I know that they can be bought from a vendor. I'm curious as to your experience with the elusive herb in the field.

Next question, does the drop rate need to be slightly increased? Their over 400g apiece on my server.
I've looted five along questing since opening, all in the first two maps.
They do appear to be more frequent in the later zones. I found one today on an alt which yielded three lotuses, the other day it took me all day in lower zones just to find three individuals.
I picked 4 today in V4W and Jade Forest.
Lol, I just use spirit of harmony to get them. I found more golden lotus when my herbalism wasn't even high enough to get them than I have since.
I'm only 86 and I've found 3 just in the Jade Forest.

Sadly when I found the first 2, my skill wasn't high enough to pick them -_-
I've collected over 500 Green Tea Leaf from the Jade Forest, with a skill level of 525+ and have not gotten a single Golden Lotus. My current skill level is 590, my level is 87, I have recipes that require Golden Lotus, but cannot find any. This game is supposed to be for enjoyment, not a career path looking for mats, so you can enjoy the playing the game. Blizzard needs to increase the spawn rate and locations.
Saw 2 when I first came landed in Pandaria and was too low to pick them!

After that, very rare indeed. So far I've found one in the Jade Forest, one among the silkweeds in V4W, and one among the snowlilies and one in a She-Touched Herb area.

I don't think they have their own spawn nodes. In 2 cases, a regular herb was in the exact spot I had picked the GL a few minutes earlier.
I've gotten 17 total, 16 from 85-90. That's 16 total lotuses, not 16 spawns. 1 spawn gave me 3. I also got lucky enough to find 3 spawns in a row, well, within 5 mins of each other. The Sha-touched herbs are the best bet for just farming them in my small sample size.
Fairly certain I've gotten at least a stack of 20 by now. I sell em as soon as I get em though, so I didn't keep track of the exact number.
I've picked over 6k herbs in Pandaria and have found only 3 Golden Lotus so far.
I've picked one and killed a rare who dropped 19 of them (along with a ton of other herbs).
On one of my characters I have leveled half way from 85 to 86 with nothing but herbing and mining. I have found about 12 golden lotuses
I saw one spawn in the alliance base. Couldn't pick it up because it required more skill than I had... :(
Got two. There was one near Paw'don Village, but my herbalism wasn't high enough was one of the first things I stumbled across.
The starting areas are often the best for farming rare nodes such as Rich Ghost Iron and Golden Lotus. Most people there are just leveling their gathering professions, so are clearing out the "normal" spawns at a higher rate, and often can't harvest the rares, as their skill level isn't high enough. I don't really go out of my way to look for Golden Lotus, but generally find at least a couple a day just doing dailies and checking nodes in vicinity. As an alchemist/herbalist, I do convert all my Spirits of Harmony to those too.
I have found WELL over 30 of them but I have gotten an x5 and several x3's. (on my druid)
These are selling for 300g+ on my server. I seriously don't know how we're going to have enough flasks for raiding this weekend. We did the math and came up with a need for at least 60 lotus in order to provide flasks for everyone.

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