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10/05/2012 10:21 AMPosted by Nethaera
I've found quite a few of them, but I also find myself constantly mousing over nodes to see if it's a golden lotus or not. I've literally feared a mob just to be able to run to one and pick it. ;) I've found them in all of the new zones so far, it's random and keep in mind they may spawn in after another herb is picked (shared spawn points.) If you have them, you can also use Spirit of Harmony to buy them in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. We're watching the spawn rate discussions though too.

Pick rate needs to be about 20 to 35 average for 1200 to 1600 other herbs picked. If someone goes out and fills a full set of bags with herbs, they should be coming back with that many.
I have not found even one yet
My guild has an event called guild bank farming hour. We get together in a raid group, everyone gathers what we can, we play a trivia game in vent to make farming not so dull and then it all goes to the guild bank. We've been doing this since LK. It's to supply gemming and enchanting to guild members but also food and flasks for raiding. It's been a great way to do things. Everyone contributes a little time everyone benefits a ton. After that long story, the Golden Lotus drop rate ( five people herbing for an hour got three Lotus) plus the spirit of harmony and even adding some enigma seed drops will not keep up with demand. An added note - Spirit of Harmony has too many other uses to be put toward only that.
getting enough volatile life while farming mattz for flasks was bad enough, i have found 6 golden lotuses since release night the rest i have bought with my spirits of harmony.

Not to mention they disappeared from my bags overnight and i am w8ing on a ticket to explain this. I lost 8 and no i did not sell or delete them as item restoration doesn't show them, neither did i use them as i only use 1 a day for a flask for our daily heroic dungeon spam.

Please fix the spawn rate for these herb nodes.
Spawn rate is really low, price on my server is 250g to 300g per which puts 10 flasks in the 3000g range. A 3 hour raid night is ~10000g. This is way too expensive and sometimes not even possible because there is not enough availability on the AH. Spawn rates need to be changed. Guild perks being removed do not help. Why in an expansion do they choose to remove content?
Checking back to see what the situation is on Golden Lotus spawn rates. Blizzard please update us with the latest on this issue.

I'm finding an average of ONE lotus per day of heavy play, and at 250-300g per lotus on the AH I cannot afford to buy them. I can not keep my guild supplied with flasks at this rate. Something NEEDS to be done about this!

Please respond.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
I saw three of them on my non-herbing toons. I saw one on my herbing toon and couldn't pick it because her herbalism wasn't high enough. It was near where the Alliance first wash up on the beach.
I have looted two, one on each of my 90's with max herbalism. I mouse over everything to see if it is GL as well.

Green tea rains from the sky.
10/16/2012 03:16 PMPosted by Viloric
Green tea rains from the sky.

There is so much of it that I seriously am running low on ideas of what to do with the amount I am ending up with.
I came across one golden lotus when maxing my herbalism and didn't see one for a few days after that, but since I decided to level my herber and farm mats for my two scribe's daily card I've came across about 6 or 7 total. I know that's kind of vague since I don't know how much time I've really spent herbing. But it's okay because even though I use 2-3 flasks per day for 5 days a week by buying golden lotus with spirits of harmony I have all the lotus I could ever need.
They spawn in the place of other nodes. I have found a way to farm them pretty consistently. To make them spawn what you need to do is farm a small area every time the node spawns. If you are doing loops all over one zone you have less chance to get them.

Farm a small area consistently every time the node spawns. You have a far greater chance to get lotus to spawn then going in circles over an entire zone. One Cave in Kai-Lai is great place to start.

Mousing over nodes and not picking them will net you 0 Lutus unless someone has picked that herb and it turned into a Lotus already. People looking for lotus seem to just mouse over nodes, all you are doing it looking for lotus someone else has spawned. If nobodys farming, not 1 lotus will appear.

I myself use a very seldom traveled area in Vally of Four Winds. I net about 15 lotus per Herb bag this way.
I have yet to see a single golden lotus spawn, someone in my guild claims to have seen one but I'm pretty sure he was lying.
I found about 6 while I was leveling up but after 90 I haven't seen any.

Started leveling one of my alts and he is just about done with jade forest and Nothing.

Either the things are getting rarer or the farmers have managed to master hunting them down with in seconds of spawning.
10/05/2012 10:04 AMPosted by Judgernaught
Jimmy Hoffa would be easier to find then these things.

This made me laugh.

My herbalist leveled from 85 - 90. She has put a grand total of 6 lotuses in the gbank. I almost fell out of my chair when I found 2 in one day. I was so tickled. Haven't found any since. /sad herbalist.
I was on this character, who is not an herbalist at all, and I saw a golden lotus at the mouth of a cave as I was heading inside. I remembered seeing that they were hideously expensive on the AH earlier that day, so I said something in general in the hopes that someone might benefit from it. No responses, but it was gone when I left, so that made me feel better. Amusingly enough, though, I found another one not far into the cave system.
I have about 18 in my bag right now, and that's not counting the 6 I gave to my husband during the first 2 days of the xpac to help with his alchemy.

Honestly, I've found them in the most random spots: next to water, next to trees, hidden in a bush, up on a mountain.. I've gotten lucky a few times and gotten 3 lotus pieces on a single node pick, so I've probably "found" a total of about 10 nodes.

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