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Not to replace WoW! Don't be absurd!

Seriously though just looking for a new game around 40 bucks. Let me know!
Any kind of game in particular?
Football Manager 2013. It's $39.99 and will keep you busy.
09/30/2012 05:04 PMPosted by Ryaskybird
Any kind of game in particular?


09/30/2012 05:31 PMPosted by Padgagers
Football Manager 2013. It's $39.99 and will keep you busy.

Haha, no thanks.

Red Dead Redemption.
So freaking good.

Forgot about that game!
09/30/2012 08:21 PMPosted by Hissler

Witcher 1
Witcher 2
Dragon Age: Origins
Kingdom of Amular: Reckoning

Are all excellent RPGs you can get for under $40.

And if you're really into the story and don't mind the combat being easy/infrequent, The Walking Dead Game.
I finished the Witcher series recently, and both were excellent games(though The Witcher 2 had much better graphics and gameplay). GoG.com has the drm-free versions of both game, the first is $10, the second is $30.

Fallout: New Vegas still remains my favorite RPG in terms of atmosphere, dialogue, plot and gameplay, you can get the ultimate edition with all of the dlc for $30(or wait for a Steam sale where it goes on sale much cheaper).
Torchlight II: $19.99

It's an ARPG in the vein of Diablo, but much more fast paced, and extremely enjoyable.
Not sure if this is exactly what you were looking for since nobody has mentioned it but...Guild Wars 2? It is over $40, but worth it. Also beware, it could/ could not take over your life.
what kinda games are you into? I know a million guild wars 2 posts and I don't wanna make this one but... just a suggestion to try it if your strictly into MMO's plus its free
Torchlight is like a good version of diablo 3.

Portal 2. If you havent played this, buy the first and 2nd one together. You may be able to buy them in a bundle off steam. Best Strategy Puzzle game ever made.

Skyrim and fallout New vegas are obvious choices.

If you are looking for a shooter with a good story, half-life is probably the ebst you're going to get.

You can play Half Life 1, which has been remade to "Black Mesa source." Which you can get for free from BlackMesaSource.com - Then buy Half life 2 and continue that story.

You can get all of these (Except Black mesa) from steam.

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