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My graphics card just kicked the bucket. I was wondering if this card would let me play WoW and SC2 on Max settings(or atleast high) with high fps.

Radeon™ HD 6670 PCIE 2GB GDDR3
Depends on your monitor resolution, but that one will not. GDDR3 is bad. You want GDDR5. Even then, HD 6670 will only give you high FPS if you run low monitor resolution.

And then there's the CPU issue, power supply issue, and case size allowance. It would be nice to know what you have for those.
For whoevers gonna say it wouldnt work, it would. I had the 6670 before I build my own PC. I had it in a dell inspiron 570 with a 20 inch monitor and was playing on ultra. It's really easy to run WoW
Toxxy wanted high FPS with ultra setting. Your 20" monitor is not likely 1080p. OP did not mention the resolution being used, but assuming 1080p, GL.

MoP also requires more system power than Cataclysm.

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