Best Mote of Harmony Farming

Is there any way to improve your odds of getting Motes? Specific mobs? Higher level mobs? What is a typical rate of motes per hour, if you are just killing mobs, not questing?

I got to level 86.5 on my Blacksmith by questing (no attempt to farm motes) and got 6 motes during it. So thought I'd try for 10 to buy a recipe. Just now I went out specifically to farm motes. I got nowhere in the Valley in about 45 min so went back to Jade where the mobs were faster to kill. Got 1 mote in 3 minutes, then nothing in next 45.

I'm not expecting anything, it's probably just random, but if anyone has noticed a pattern, thanks.
On the Pandaria intro chain (right after the bomb run and you parachute off of the ship) I stood at the gate of the horde base and grinded on the continuous feed of grunts for maybe 2 hours. Got 2 dozen greens, +400 cloth, half a level, and about 25 motes. However its phased, so if you completed the quest the mobs are no longer available
i think its 10% +1% per level
either way just do your dailies and you get plenty.
If you're 90, go to the gate with the Mogu in the Vale. Farming the mogu nets you rep with the black prince in addition to motes. Also theres a few dailies for golden lotus there.
The starter quest area sounds like a great idea. I'd already completed the quest on my Alliance Blacksmith, but I might check out the equivalent Horde area on my Leatherworker.

I found one good spot for both sides: the site of The Sprites' Plight quest. You go south from Tian Monestary a little, then east to the river (visible on the map) and cross it. That quest has you killing Stonebound Destroyers. Do that and also kill friendly Sprites. They respawn very quickly. That's where I got the last 3 Motes for my Blacksmith.

Update: the horde starter area is too tough for my clothy priest: tend to get adds a lot (can a discipline priest fight 3 same-level mobs? maybe, but that's WORK).

But the grassy area bordering the "back up to gunship portal" has tigers roaming it, so I'll just hang out there for a while.
Mogu in the vale of Eternal blossoms seems to be the best bet so far at 90 if you want reps and teh AH fodder for extra moneys.
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Mogu in the vale of Eternal blossoms seems to be the best bet so far at 90 if you want reps and teh AH fodder for extra moneys.

This is the only place to farm, they drop shards and you can sell rare mount for 100k and they also drop keys for rare mats or rep.
They seem to drop in Kun-lai up the wazoo, while questing there. I'm not saying questing has anything to do with, because it wouldn't. You just kill a lot of mobs on those quests.

My DK miner/herber got to 88 there, having 4 spirit of harmony completed now (with no skill to use them for... LOLS)

This character has started questing there more, getting motes.
Is there any known time when Mote of harmony, spirit of harmony are going to be Bind on Account, i have patterns to make stuff but i need so much spirit of harmony, and i have lots on 1 character that has no use for them. I saw that i needed them and so i saved them up when i saw how much i needed when i heard they were going to be Bind on Account. I understand the reason behind it, but it is such a low drop rate to start farming them for the character i need them on the most.(plus hes a fresh 90 and dies alot)
Also, if you rep up with the Tillers (to revered), you can literally farm motes by planting Songbells. 12 motes a day, 16 if you go to Exalted and get your last four plots.
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Is there any known time when Mote of harmony, spirit of harmony are going to be Bind on Account,

No. Almost zero chance before 5.1 and since that is on Ptr and expected in 6 to 8 weeks. That does not mean it will be in 5.1, I would not rely on that. It could easily be 5.2 or later.

Take your motes the vendor and the front of the panderian city, turn them into golden lotus, sell the lotus and go buy what you want.

Currently I have around 190 motes and averaging about 20 more every day. I plan to dump some more into patterns and cash out into lotus this weekend as I really don't need that many.
If you're a tank or otherwise amazing class that can survive large mobs. go to the bug island in bugland(dread wastes) in the bug camp, on the hill, near the cliffs, near the cliffs near the bug camp. but not the mining area cuz the yanugol are actually bugged to run back to there spawn point many times. anyway go to those spots and PULL EVERYTHING and then kill said everything.
this is really easy as a blood dk with the blade turning buff. you get you're nifty shield and you get easy stacks of blade turning unleashing an aoe and stun. plus you're spreading your diseases easy if you picked into blood plague, death pact is good for saving yourself as is lichborne and spamming /cast [@name] Death Coil.
if only my dk still had use for motes I'd go farm on him. and this shaman isnt strong enough to farm.

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