Where is spirit on contender's leather gear?

This is a serious oversight. Unlike the cloth and plate pvp variants, the craftable contender's gear from Leatherworking doesn't have spirit on it. Not one single piece. This accommodates one dps spec (balance druids) at the expense of two HEALING class/specs (mistweaver monk/resto druid). I don't know if spirit is as important to druids as to mistweavers yet, since I haven't leveled mine. But I think it's safe to say that spirit is the number one secondary stat for all PVP healers right now.

Any chance of having this added in?
We (Balance Druids) need Spirit for +spell hit

Wheres the Spirit Blizz??
Any word?
Is it possible that the regen mechanics for druids and monks forego the need for stacking spirit?

you're welcome

you're welcome

will that get healers the 7k spirit they need?
I see no reason why Blizzard has decided to do this.
Spirit has now become the most important stat for healers. To leave two healing classes without a viable option for the sake of a single dps class, makes no sense.

Not happy :(
That dps class uses spirit too.

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