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Hello KT! Welcome to another recruitment thread for <Has Cookies>. We are a relatively new guild on KT, we transferred to Kel'Thuzad in late Cata, and still have some raid spots to fill. We are also always looking for fun people to hang out with!

Current Priority:
Healing Priest/Pally!
Killer Hunter!

About Us
<Has Cookies> is a tight-knit, small- to medium-sized guild comprised of raiders, casuals, and pvpers of all types. A very selective recruiting process allows us to maintain a guild community that works well; we believe that while being good at this game makes it more fun, it's not so difficult of an achievement that it entitles us to be douchebags. We have a no tolerance policy for racism, sexism, gaybashing, and the like, as well as low tolerance for people who are too emo or uptight and unable to laugh off things that happen in the video game world. Most of us are in our 20s and 30s, and possess as many smarts as we do boss kills. Despite taking a break for the end of Cata, we are 8/8H in DS, finished tiers 11 and 12 pre-nerfs, and have completed all the Wrath and Cata meta achievements.

We are prepping for MOP raids starting tuesday, and have opened recruitment for the beginning of MOP. We welcome smart, excellent raiders of all classes who want to be a part of a guild family, and who know their class(es) well. We are particularly interested in future monks, hunters, and mages, but all are welcome to apply.We have a team of strong players who know all aspects and specs of their main, and expect the same from anyone applying to join the team. We strongly encourage players to have at least two specs or two characters that they focus on making raid-ready. 10 man content demands different comps, and we are alt-friendly. Alt runs are common!

If applying for a Core Raider position, we expect some Heroic experience and achievements to back it up, and a good attitude. Age and maturity are also factors in our decisions, so we are looking for raiders 18 years or older. If you can't raid on a school night, don't bother applying. The recruitment process begins with an online application, needs to include a log showcasing your recent raid performance, and will include a vent interview and test run of a raid or dungeon.

Our current raid times are:
Wednesday - 8pm - 10:30pm (MST)
Thursday - 8pm - 10:30pm (MST)
Friday** - 8pm - 10:30pm (MST) (Early MoP Push day!)
Monday - 8pm - 10:30pm (MST)

With coming to a server known so well for PvP, we want to focus on guild PvP and PvP achievements. We have several players in our small roster who run 3's, 5's, and RBGs regularly, and are always looking to run more guild teams. We love PvPrs in our ranks and look forward to what MoP will bring in terms of new BGs and the upcoming arena season.

Srs bsns aside, this is a game, and we aim to be reasonable about balancing achievement and fun. If you can't joke around about your own screw-ups as you fix them, or take a joke about a stupid mistake you made, this is quite likely not the guild for you.

To Apply
To apply please visit: http://hazcookies.enjin.com/recruitment
or you can reach me at my battletag: kittycletus#1682

TL;DR: For fun raids and pvp stuff with pretty cool dudes join guild now!
Bump for a panada from canada
i really dont like the name of your guild.
10/04/2012 11:15 AMPosted by Steam
i really dont like the name of your guild.

You don't enjoy cookies? :O
I am currently eating Samoa cookies for the first time! :o
Bump for new Recruiting priority!
Bump for new raid spot opening up!

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