Affliction: Dots, Procs and Duration

In my quest to be a better warlock I've stumbled upon some questions that I cannot seem to find answers to. I am hoping that you, the warlock community, can help me out.

To start with I've done a fair amount of reading. I especially like but I find that it doesn't answer a key question for me.

How does buffs and procs affect our dots? As far as I know there are only two possibilities:
1. A dot tick is calculated by the current warlock's spell power, mastery, crit and haste at the time it ticks.

2. A dot is calculated at cast time and sustains that throughout its entire duration.

Now I believe that the answer is #2. If it were #1 that would be too easy and Murphy's law says that if anything can go wrong it will, thus #2. (if it is #1 tell me and ignore the rest of this post)

Assuming #2 for the moment. What effect does recasting, casting Fel Flames, and casting soul burn + soul swap have on our dots? These are three separate questions so let's take them in turn. As a bonus question does reapplying a dot reset its tick timer?

1. Recasting a dot: This should be the simplest and most straight forward of the 3. Let's assume that we casted corruption with our Dark Soul: Misery buff with a 5 second duration remaining. 9 seconds later (after the buff wears off and when we gain the most benefit from our level 90 skill) we recast corrupt. Does the damage for the entire 27 second duration revert back to the unbuffed duration? What happens?

2. Fel Flames: Slightly trickier question: Same setup, corruption with Dark Soul: Misery up. Wait 9 seconds for Dark Soul: Misery to expire, cast Fel Flame. Does Fel Flame truly "JUST" extend the duration? Or by casting it does it re-apply the dot? (See situation 1 for re-applying).

3. Soul Burn + Soul Swap: This is in here just because I want confirmation. I believe that SS + SB would result in the same situation as 1. Only difference being you are doing it to all 3 dots at once.

4. (Bonus Question) I cast corruption with no haste. It ticks every 2 seconds. I recast corruption immediately with the GCD (1.5 seconds) does the first tick happen in 0.5 seconds? Or 2 seconds?

My intuition says that 1. resets the dot completely. So by recasting it I am re-applying the dot in its entirety to the target. So if my first cast is buffed and my second cast is unbuffed then the damage is reset to the unbuffed state. Even if duration is increased.

My hope for 2. is that it truly does just what it says, and increases the dot's duration. My fear is that it also re-applies the dot using whatever current buffs I have (or don't have as the case may be).

For 3. my gut feel is that it is the same as #1. It re-applies the dots in their entirety.

For 4. I'm hoping it is the former (tick time is not reset with reapplication by either recasting the dot or through fel flame) but I'm not convinced that that is the case. I vaguely recall once upon a time that it wasn't the case. At least on my druid I remember that clipping was really bad for that reason at one point.

Can any veteran warlock help a poor guy out?
One other quick question / confirmation: Haunt and Curse of Elements do not need to be on a target before dot cast for them to take effect, right?

Or to rephrase that, Haunt and Curse of elements will buff a dot which is already pre-existing on the target. Make sense?

Edit: Ok I saw someone state in another thread that MG refreshes the dots anyways, is this true?
I will keep it simple for you.

When your toon gets a buff, it does not automatically apply to existing dots. (Eradication, power torrent, trinket)... This is when you Fel flame or re apply your !@#$.

When a foe receives a debuff, it applies to existing dots. (Haunt, curse of exhaustion)... You don't need to reapply your %^-*.

Make sense?
That is simple. So if I have an 89% haste from mithril trinket, dark soul: misery, and bloodlust then using fel flame is the way to go.


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